Biblical Worldview: Sexuality

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What does God say about Sex? Marriage? Homosexuality? Transgenderism? Adultery?
Those are just a few of the topics discussed in Biblical Worldview: Sexuality.
Sexuality is a hot-button issue in society and the church. The changes in moral standards in recent years have stirred confusion, led to life-altering choices, and shattered families. When answering questions about sexuality, believers should base their responses on the
uncompromised Word of God—not popular culture.

Biblical Worldview: Sexuality includes:
Twelve online video lessons covering the following topics:
• The Need for a Biblical Worldview on Sexuality
• The Purpose of Marriage
• The Covenant of Marriage
• Adultery, Divorce, and Remarriage
• Sexual Purity
• The Real Agenda
• Homosexuality
• Transgenderism
• Tolerance and Love
♦ A workbook that helps learners take a deeper dive into the
twelve lessons
♦ A USB that contains the twelve lessons in audio format
♦ Printable PDFs of each of the twelve lessons; great for group study!

To parents: Though you will be equipped to have age-appropriate discussions with your children, due to the sensitive nature of the content, it is not recommended for children younger than thirteen years old.

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