Discipling through Philippians Study Guide eBook (PDF)


Paul's primary reason for writing this letter was to thank the Philippian church for the gift they had sent him in his time of need. He also used this opportunity to encourage them to look confidently to Christ for their joy and unity and to continue to persevere in their Christian life and faith.
Even though Paul wrote this letter from prison, it contains a constant theme of rejoicing. The words "joy" and "rejoice" were used seventeen times in this short epistle. Paul made it very clear that his personal relationship with the Lord was the key factor in his joy.
Paul had a special affection for the Philippians. They were not only the first fruits of his ministry in Europe, but these Philippians were the only church that contributed to his ministry after he had departed from their town. Discipling through Philippians is a verse-by-verse commentary study tool that you will want in your library. You can read Andrew's notes and then create a discussion using the prepared questions, you could go directly to the Scriptures and then ask a question, or you can use this tool for personal study. Customize it in whichever way works best for you.
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