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You’d think it would have been easy for Jesus’s disciples to believe in Him—they got to see Him in the flesh. But that actually made it harder for them to perceive who Jesus really was. Philip even asked Jesus to show them the Father, not realizing that seeing Jesus was seeing the Father. The disciples connected with Jesus through their senses more than their spirits. We need to avoid that same misstep. If you want to see better results in your life, don’t approach God through your flesh and emotions. Instead, approach Him in spirit and in truth.

Andrew addresses this pitfall in his new teaching, Are You Satisfied with Jesus? The Bible says that you can’t know God through the natural man (1 Cor. 2:14). That’s why we often feel unfulfilled or disconnected from God, and it’s why the things happening in the world often take our peace away. We’re listening to the flesh, not the spirit. Your spirit is perfect and complete the moment you become a new creation in Christ. We have to go beyond our feelings and emotions and seek Him in the spirit.

Format: Digital Download (PDF)
Page Count: 28
ISBN: 978-1-910984-53-6

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