Legacy and Residuary Estate

There are two main ways in which you can continue to support our work (and possibly also the work of other charities) under your will.

1. You can leave us a legacy – this is a specific amount of money or a specific item for us to use for our charitable purposes and continued ministry; or

2. You can leave us all of, or a share, in your Residuary Estate – this is what is left after any debts and tax have been paid and any legacies you have included in your will have been paid out.

Any donation to our work - however small or big – helps us work towards our objectives. Should you decide to include Andrew Wommack Ministries - Europe in your will, it would be extremely helpful if you can ensure that the gift to us is made as clear as possible. To aid you with that, we have suggested some wording on the Leaving a Legacy and Leaving a Residuary Estate pages.

The reason that we ask for your gifts to be really clear is to make sure that:

  • Your Executors know exactly what you want to leave to us – and also that it is us (and not another organisation or person) that you want to provide for;

  • You let us know what we will receive from your estate which will help us plan;

  • You let us know how we can use the money and honour your gift to us appropriately; and

  • You avoid any confusion or arguments about what you want to achieve. This will mean that time and legal costs are saved and your estate can be used fully and quickly in the way you intended.

The General Charitable Purposes of AWME

As a charity, we have a general charitable purpose to serve the public by advancing the Christian faith through any suitable method such as providing teaching on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone, without reference to their ability to pay. From time to time we may also have specific projects that we are engaged in or that we are raising funds for – for example the establishment of Charis Bible Colleges in new regions.

You can leave funds for us as a charity to use for our general charitable and Gospel sharing works - or you could leave funds to us to use for a specific project or purpose. We would be really grateful if you would consider leaving any gift to us for our general purposes, as this means we will be able to use your money where we think it will best achieve our aims as a charity. The reason we request this is that sometimes, if you were to leave funds to a specific project which we are no longer running, or which is no longer a good use of our resources, we might lose out on your gift.

We want to make sure that the intentions God has given to you for your estate can be followed wherever possible, and therefore we ask you that to express your wishes, if any, as to how you would like us to use your money. We will seek to honour these wherever we can or if we cannot do so directly, we will consider what is the closest use of funds to your original intentions.

If you express your wishes or hopes for the use of funds left to Andrew Wommack Ministries - Europe, rather than those intentions being a binding obligation, it means we can still ensure we are operating efficiently as a charity and using your money in the best possible way at the time we receive it – and we won’t lose out on your generous gift and support.