Leaving A Legacy

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As a Partner or friend of Andrew Wommack Ministries – Europe (AWME), you will already know much about the work we seek to deliver and the impact on the nations we seek to be part of; with the intent not only to transform lives with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but to transform societies for generations to come.

Through your Partnership and donations, your support already enables the advancement of the Christian faith to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond through any suitable method, including but not limited to methods detailed below:

  • Translation of books, television programs and the Charis curriculum into local languages around the world, transforming nations from within.

  • Empowerment of people to walk in their God-given callings, stepping into major roles of influence in their societies.

  • Resources, including teaching materials, to be distributed throughout the United Kingdom, as well as to many other countries, making disciples of Jesus by teaching them their true identities as defined in God’s Word.

  • Establishment of new Ministry and Charis Bible College locations all over the world with the intent to see nations transformed and fulfilling the calling God has for them.

  • Training of leaders in every field through Charis Bible College, teaching them to walk in the power of God’s unconditional love and grace, and operate in the power and authority of God’s Word, and not on their own understanding.

  • Seeding the nations with the Word of God by taking the Gospel to all nations.

We already see what a gift God has given us, equipping us to use the resources of this temporary life to make an eternal difference! Together, we can and will change the world – but we are often asked by Partners and friends: ‘What more can I do?’, ‘How else can I help?’

One way you can continue to make a difference and support Andrew Wommack Ministries - Europe is through leaving a legacy for the charity in your will. Making provision for AWME in this way means that we can continue our work of sharing the full Gospel within the United Kingdom and the world. Legacy gifting enables AWME to plan for the future and to make informed choices about our resources, knowing we can invest and grow our work, and that your funds can provide a lasting benefit as the Gospel is spread to many nations.