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10 Reasons It’s Better to Have the Holy Spirit

In his new teaching Ten Reasons It’s Better to Have the Holy Spirit, Andrew shares ten reasons why the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer is actually better than the limited ministry of Jesus when He was physically present on the earth.

A Better Way To Pray

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching A Better Way to Pray, learn to release God’s blessings in your life through prayer!

Anger Management

Every person deals with anger. There is no escaping it. But are we dealing with our anger the way God's Word instructs us to?

Are You Satisfied With Jesus?

Learn to go beyond your feelings and emotions and seek God in the spirit.

As I Have Loved You

You can't give away what you don't have. You need to personally experience God's awesome love.


If a person believes that God is sovereign, in that He allows everything in their lives, then they are submitting themselves to the work of the devil.

Christian First-Aid Kit

When you're facing a crisis, remember what Jesus said to His disciples the night before His crucifixion: "Let not your heart be troubled." (John 14:1)

Christian Philosophy

An optimist sees opportunity where a pessimist sees failure. What's the difference? It's the filter. The Bible calls that our philosophy, and it controls the outcome of our lives.

Christian Survival Kit

The night before His Crucifixion, Jesus prepared His disciples for the things to come.

Discipleship Evangelism

Conversion is a one-time experience; discipleship is a lifelong journey.

Discipleship: The Path To Freedom

Andrew shares what it takes to become a disciple, what abiding in the Word looks like, how to triumph through hardship, and much more!

Discover The Keys To Staying Full Of God

Many Christians vacation in God’s love, but they don’t live there. Andrew will show you the four keys to staying full of God and the truth of what God’s unconditional love and grace have already provided.

Don't Limit God

Discover the biggest hindrances to what God wants to do in your life and how to stop them!

Don't Limit God: Twenty Years Later

Don’t Limit God: Twenty Years Later, learn the amazing transformation it makes when you see yourself the way God does and take the limits off what He can do in your life!

Dwelling In God's Presence

Most of the promises of God, probably more than you realise, are conditional upon abiding in His presence.

Effortless Change

We are no longer content with being normal. We want to change. We need to change. But how?


Paul's letter to the Ephesian church is full of some of the most wonderful revelations about the believer's union with Christ found anywhere in scripture.

Eternal Life

Are you looking for more in your relationship with God? Many Christians are satisfied knowing they are on their way to heaven instead of hell. But did you know there’s even more to salvation than avoiding hell?


Daniel received promotion because of his excellent spirit. Discover what it means to have an excellent spirit so you can position yourself for promotion too!


Single CDs on the subject of faith taken from several of Andrew's teachings.

Faith Builders

Faith is essential to everything we do in the Christian life. Yet many Christians still struggle with faith. Is it really that hard?


Single CDs on the subject of family and marriage taken from several of Andrew's teachings.

Fear Of The Lord

If fear is a bad thing, then what do you do with the 300-plus scriptures that speak of fearing the Lord in a positive way?


Single CDs on the subject of finances taken from several of Andrew's teachings.

Financial Stewardship

Learn how to handle money God’s way in Andrew Wommack’s teaching Financial Stewardship and discover the greatest use of your resources!

Four Basics of Hearing God’s Voice

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Four Basics of Hearing God’s Voice, learn how to improve your relationship with God and live a victorious life.

Four Essential Elements of Christian Maturity

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Four Essential Elements of Christian Maturity, learn about the basic things needed to go from being a baby in Christ to a full-grown, mature believer.


Andrew’s teaching Galatians will show you how to walk out your faith with God the way He meant for you to in His New Covenant!


Assorted single CDs, DVDs and books taken from several of Andrew's teachings.

God And Country

Many Christians know very little about how to restore America to its godly heritage. But you can't restore something if you don't know what it originally was.

God Wants You to Succeed

Success is doing what God calls you to do. You need to know what God's picture of success looks like because He won't sovereignly make you the person you're supposed to be.

God Wants You Well

In his God Wants You Well teaching, Andrew shares the truth of what God’s unconditional love and grace have already provided, including healing.

God's Kind Of Love Through You

Once you understand how much God loves you, it will compel you to allow God's love to flow through you.

God's Kind of Love To You

If asked the question, "Is our heavenly Father a God of love?" most Christians would answer, "Yes". If asked, "Do you think He loves you today?" the answer is often quite different.

God's Kind of Love: The Cure for What Ails Ya!

We can't give what we haven't received. Before we can love others, we have to have a true revelation of God's love for us.

Grace - The Power of the Gospel

It's not what you do, but what Christ did. Never again worry if you are meeting God's holy standard - Paul's revelation in the book of Romans settles the issue.

Grace & Faith

Grace & Faith Family Conference - reaching further and deeper than ever before.


Several teachings about how God guided his servants from various bible characters.

Hardness Of Heart

A hard heart is simply a heart that is more sensitive to other things than to God. It is caused by what we focus our attention on, and it dictates the level of unbelief in our lives.

Harnessing Your Emotions

We all have emotions, but do they rule us or do we rule them? Psychologists and Christians alike agree that actions are the result of inner thoughts and feelings, emotions, but that is where the agreement ends.

Hebrews Highlights

Our approach to God under the New Covenant is completely different than under the Old. Most believers haven't understood that; they still mix the old with the new, and it's the reason they aren't victorious.

How To Be Happy

Happiness is a goal many people long to achieve. Why are some people happy and others seem miserable? In this powerful teaching, you will learn the secrets of being happy.

How To Become A Water Walker

Andrew shares many of the faith principles he has learned from God's Word about walking by faith. If you will receive these truths, you can walk on water too.

How To Deal With Grief

Grief is something that each one of us encounters sooner or later. It cannot be avoided, but it can be dealt with in a positive way. This series will help you to come out of grief on the victory side.

How To Deal With Temptation

Everyone faces temptation. How do we deal with it? There's a right way and there's a wrong way to respond when tempted; there is even a way to avoid temptation.

How To Find God's Will

Most people have lost a sense of destiny, God's will for their lives. This teaching is the first in a series of three that will help change that.

How To Follow God's Will

You have found God's will for your life - now what? What if you learnt that following His will can be as easy as following your heart's desires?

How To Fulfil God's Will

Most people have lost a sense of destiny, God's will for their lives. This teaching is the third in a series of three that will help change that.

How To Prepare Your Heart

True believers don't plan to depart from the Lord - they just fail to prepare their hearts before temptation comes suddenly upon them.

How To Receive A Miracle

Most Christians do not know how to receive a miracle from God. Learn how to grab hold of miracles and make them happen.

How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

It seems most people would rather talk about a problem than offer a solution, or complain rather than praise.


God can't make you humble; humility is something you have to choose.

In God We Trust

In difficult financial times, what or whom do you trust? This two-part teaching will help you overcome fear and keep your trust in the right place.

Jesus’ Farewell Address

Understand how to stop living life up and down like a yo-yo. Anchor yourself in the foundational truths Jesus shared with His disciples and withstand every challenge with strength and resilience.

Killing Sacred Cows

Religion has its own "sacred cows", wrong beliefs that are kept alive no matter the cost. In this series, Andrew is taking them all to the slaughterhouse.

Knowing God

Every truly "born-again" Christian knows God as Saviour, but there's more to knowing God than forgiveness of sins.

Lessons From David

This teaching looks at the life of David, the only person the Lord called "a man after mine own heart," and makes direct applications to our lives today.

Lessons From Elijah

Elijah's life is full of examples, both good and bad, of how we are to walk with the Lord in a way that will make a difference.

Lessons From Joseph

In Lessons from Joseph, Andrew Wommack will show you how to guard the dreams God has given you from any attack of doubt or fear.

Lessons From The Christmas Story

Despite all the commercialism, the message of God's love for mankind rings louder at Christmas than any other time of the year.

Life at Conception

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Life at Conception, learn when human life really begins.

Life's 3 Most Important Questions

These three questions are the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. Where did I come from? Who am I? Where am I going?

Living In God's Best

Living in God's best can become a lifestyle -a permanent address - rather than somewhere we go to briefly escape the pressures of our lives.

Living In The Balance Of Grace & Faith

Grace and faith are often seen as opposing forces. The truth is that grace and faith are both essential ingredients in our walk with the Lord.


Single CDs on the subject of love taken from several of Andrew's teachings.

More Grace, More Favor

Releasing the Untapped Power of Humility in Your Life. 

Observing All Things

There's more to being a disciple than simply faith in Jesus. That might sound hard to believe, but that's exactly what Jesus Himself said.

Paul's Secrets To Happiness

Many Christians strive to achieve happiness. Few, however, have understood, much less followed, what the Bible says to get there.

Philippians: Paul’s Letter To His Partners

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Philippians: Paul’s Letter to His Partners, you will discover how to find joy and fulfillment by putting God and others first.

Plain As Dirt

Dirt may seem plain and ordinary, but from it, miracles are brought forth.

Positive Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is a comforting ministry, not a ministry of condemnation. Also it is to convince believers of their right standing in Jesus Christ and their authority over the devil.

Power Of Faith Filled Words

God created the world with faith filled words. He demonstrated that words have the power to create and that creation responds to words. If you can understand that, it will change your life.

Power Of Hope

The Bible says in Romans 8:24 that "hope" is for that which is not seen. How can you see something that isn't there? The answer may surprise you.

Power Of Partnership

There are spiritual dynamics involved in partnering with the Gospel. True partnership will change your life once you understand its biblical purpose and God's heart toward it.

Power Of The Cross

The crucifixion of Christ is the centrepiece of world history, yet few understand what the real meaning and power of the cross is.


The Bible has much to teach us about prayer. Andrew explains the revelation he has received.


Timeless Wisdom for a Life of Blessing


It's more than theology; it's practical. Your understanding will determine what you are able to receive from God, not just in eternity, but here and now.


The Law was not God's first choice. Andrew explains that the whole purpose of the Law was to show us our need for a Saviour.

Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece on Grace

Let Andrew Wommack guide you through Paul’s lessons on grace and teach you how to experience freedom and walk in New Testament blessings!

Seven Steps to Victory

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Seven Steps to Victory, learn how to trust in God, get in the battle, see the victory, and fight with all your might.

Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword

- Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword is a compilation and summary of 16 powerful messages that have changed the lives of thousands.

Spirit, Soul & Body

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Spirit, Soul & Body, learn how to see yourself as God sees and relates to you in your spirit.

Spiritual Authority

Understanding spiritual authority is vital. Many of us are confused and defeated because of a lack of understanding in this area. This series shows us the power that God has committed to us.

Sure Foundation

Most problems, that Christians have, come from an ignorance of God's Word or wrong teachings from His Word.

Ten Godly Leadership Essentials

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Ten Godly Leadership Essentials, learn how to effectively lead and influence others for God’s glory.


Testimonies of changed lives, purpose, finances, healing, relationships and more.

The Believer's Authority

In The Believer’s Authority, Andrew challenges traditional legalistic Christianity and provides an in-depth, scriptural explanation of man’s authority, Satan’s authority, and how to apply God’s Word.

The Effects Of Praise

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching The Effects of Praise, discover the impact praise has on you, on God, and on the devil!

The Faith Of God

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching, The Faith of God, learn how to tap into the laws of faith in order to make your faith affective!

The Importance of the Holy Spirit

Discover the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian. Learn why the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit is essential for living a victorious and supernatural life today.

The New You & The Holy Spirit

Andrew addresses the two most important events that will ever take place in a person's life: first, receiving salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, and second, being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Old Man is Dead: Goodbye & Good Riddance

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching The Old Man Is Dead, learn about the transformation that occurred inside you when you were born again and how to leave your sin nature behind.

The Power of Imagination

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching Believing Is Seeing, learn how to use your imagination to discover all that God has for you.

The Present Day Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is more than an experience. He is the one who will come alongside every believer and help. This in-depth teaching will help you answer the question, just who is the Holy Spirit?

The Resurrection Changes Everything

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching The Resurrection Changes Everything, learn how everything hinges on Christ’s resurrection!

The True Nature Of God

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching The True Nature of God, encounter the real God of the Bible and discover God’s unconditional love for you, forming a life-altering relationship with God that will propel you forward in your faith.

The War Is Over

Do you wonder if God is mad at you because of sin or unrighteousness?

Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life

In Andrew’s teaching Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life, learn how the Holy Spirit can impart revelation knowledge through God’s Word.

What is True Christianity?

Join Andrew Wommack as he dives into important scriptures that shed light on the biblical basis for salvation and dispel common misconceptions.

What is Truth?

In Andrew Wommack’s teaching What Is Truth?, learn about the amazing transformation that occurs when you begin to believe entirely in the Word of God.

Where Do We Go from Here? - Lessons from the 2020 Elections

Andrew will guide you through the lessons he learned from the elections and show you how to be the salt and light to the world that God is calling us to be.

Who God Is & Who We Are

Experience this life-changing truth with Andrew’s Who God Is and Who We Are teaching, recorded live at the 2019 Grace & Faith Conference in England.

Who Told You That You Were Naked?

In his Who Told You That You Were Naked? teaching, Andrew uncovers the lies you’ve believed and shares truths for overcoming them once and for all. You will understand your conscience and where it came from as you learn how to choose freedom instead of condemnation.

Whose Righteousness?

What is the true meaning of righteousness? This teaching will also show you how to become righteous, how to receive righteousness, and how to walk in it daily.


Single CDs on the subject of the Word of God taken from several of Andrew's teachings.

Word Became Flesh

This DVD album was recorded from the Gospel Truth TV broadcast. Each DVD contains one week of programs.

You've Already Got It

The true key to the Christian life is to stop asking the Lord to heal, deliver, bless, and prosper you, and start believing and commanding.