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Ministers Conference

Andrew is coming to Walsall! Charis Bible College Walsall will be hosting the annual Andrew Wommack Ministers Conference where Andrew shares the gospel truth with fellow pastors and ministers to encourage them and enable them in the word of God.
United Kingdom Starting on Monday 20th Oct to Wednesday 22nd Oct

Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword

Four-DVD Album - as recorded from television

Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword is a summary of the sixteen most important revelations God has given Andrew. Some call these his CliffsNotes versions. Each message addresses a specific topic in an abbreviated form, making it much easier to see how these truths are related and dependent upon one another.

  • Week 1 - (True Christianity), (The Holy Spirit), (Spirit, Soul & Body), (You’ve Already Got It!), (The True Nature of God)
  • Week 2 - (The War Is Over), (Grace, the Power of the Gospel), (Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith), (The Believer’s Authority)
  • Week 3 - (The Believer’s Authority [continued]), (A Better Way to Pray), (The Effects of Praise), (Harnessing Your Emotions)
  • Week 4 - (Staying Full of God), (God Wants You Well), (Hardness of Heart), (Self-Centeredness: The Root of All Grief)
Warning - These DVDs are Region 1. To play correctly they require a multi-region player.

Today's Daily Devotional:

It's Not What You Do

So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first.Matthew 20:1-16
This parable begins with Jesus' statement that the kingdom of heaven is likened to a man who is a householder (owner of an estate). He went out early in the morning to hire workers to work in his vineyard for the day. An agreed upon price was set at a penny, the normal wage paid daily for a laborer. Later, around 9 a.m., the landowner encouraged others, standing idle in the marketplace, to work in the vineyard, not for a set wage but for "whatsoever is right." The landowner employed more laborers at noon, at 3 p.m. and even some at 5 p.m. when there was only one hour left to work.
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